Kenshibudo is the Japanese dance with a sword or fan to the recital of Shigin (traditional Japanese song).

Kyu Grade Katas consist of a poem of 4 sentences, Dan grade Poems  have 8. These  are performed to a backing track of music and the poem is sung by a performer (which is called Ginei). Our Style of Kenshibudo is based within the movements of Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido, especially Kenbu, so the movements of the sword are recognisable as being from our style of Iai. On attaining the Grade of Shihandai, the Student is given a Stage Name by the Headmaster, the name encompasses a part of the Headmasters Stage name, the Dojo name and another character specifically chosen for the student. The Tensho Dojo has 3 members who hold a stage name: Sensei Peter Sandford ( Ritenfu ), Sensei Clare Sandford ( Ritenyu) and Sensei Joe Reynolds ( Ritenshin )

Students learn one Kata a year and if successful in grading , will progress to learn the next.  Dan Grade katas are learnt on a different timescale as there is a requirement for the student to understand the style of Kenshibudo we practice as well as being able to perform their current and past katas.

Syllabus for Kenbu:

5th Kyu:  Kinshu Joka No Saku

4th Kyu:  Kawanakajima

3rd Kyu : Nipponto

2nd Kyu: Shiroyama

1st Kyu: Fune Yura Ko Ni Itaru

1st – Shoden: Kojima Takanori

2rd  -Chuden: Yojo

3rd – Okuden: Honnoji

4th – Shihandai: Keitin Aijin

5th – Miyamoto Musashi

Syllabus for Shibu:

5th Kyu: Kinshu Joka No Saku

4th Kyu: Kawanakajima

3rd Kyu: Waka Yomo No Umi

2nd Kyu: Kudan No Sakura

1st Kyu: Hatsuyume

1st – Shoden: A A Chihaya Jo