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Covid 19 Response

Thank you for visiting our webpage. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Tensho Dojo has suspended all training sessions. As we hire the Dance studio at the Curve, we will have to wait until this re-opens before making the decision to recommence training. We are monitoring the situation and will be considering any changes to the class that might be required once the Dojo reopens. If you are interested in joining us, please still make contact via the website or facebook. This will allow us to introduce ourselves and take contact details to get back to you as soon as the current situation allows.

Stay Safe

Sensei Peter Sandford

Sensei Clare Sandford

Sensei Joe Reynolds

We have had a productive January at the Dojo

Iaido – Each evening we focused on a small selection of techniques in detail throughout the evening. This allows us as students to identify what we need to do to improve upon our techniques and also have the time to put what we have learned into practice.

Some students also went through the etiquette required before and after grading.

Kenbu: we continued to practice both Waga Waka Mune No and Sengakuji.

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