In 1982 James Self received permission from the late 15th Headmaster Miyuki Risho Hayabuchi to attend the Keitensha Hombu in Japan to study Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido.

In 1986 Hajime Risho Hayabuchi (now the incumbent 16th Headmaster) visited Sudbury in England for the first time.

In 1989 at an examination at the Hombu in front of the late 15th Headmaster James Self received the grade of nidan.

Later in the same year permission was given to establish a dojo in England for the study of Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido.  The dojo would be named Tensho.

In 1992 the study of Shinden Shinsei Hayabuchi Ryu Kenshibudo was added to the curriculum.

Every year Hajime Risho Hayabuchi 16th Soke visits the dojo holding a seminar and examinations for iaido, kenbu and shibu.

Over the years many of our members have visited Japan and at the invitation of the Shinden Shinsei Hayabuchi Ryu have taken part in various festivals of kenshibudo.

In 1990 James Self demonstrated Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido at the Festival of Kenshibudo in Kobe.

In 1993 members of the Shinden Shinsei Hayabuchi Ryu visited London for the first time with two evenings of kenshibudo.  Four of our members Bobby Norman, Colin Elgie, Peter Sandford and Mike McClure were invited to demonstrate Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido.  James Self compered the shows.

In 1997 at a festival of kenshibudo in Amagasaki Japan, Bobby Norman, James Self, and Colin Elgie performed the kenbu Ni Reisan.

In 2002 the Shinden Shinsei Hayabuchi Ryu again visited England, this time staging a show in Colchester.  Our members Clare Sandford and Rina Isaacson performed the shibu Takarabune, and Richard Weller with James Smith performed the kenbu Heikoyo.  James Self compered the show.

In 2003 Peter Sandford was invited to demonstrate Iaido at a Festival in Kobe.

Charter Hall Colchester – ‘Gikenshibudo’ stage performance organised, with members of the Sudbury, London and Japanese Dojos.

In 2006 at a festival of kenshibudo in Kobe our members Clare Sandford and Linda Reynolds performed the shibu Kawanakajima:  Peter Sandford, Joe Reynolds, Keith Heyhoe and Clive Griggs performed the kenbu Hachimanko.

International courses have been held in our Dojo’s since 2006, roughly every 3 years. The inaugural  International Course was organised by the Seiha Dojo in France.

In 2013 Tensho Dojo organises the International course for all Students of Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido and Shinden Shinsei Hayabuchi Ryu Kenshibudo. Students and Sensei attend from London, Poland and France with Soke and Sensei from Japan.

In 2015 Peter and Clare Sandford perform ‘Ogi No Mato’ on Stage in Japan ( Bunka Hall Kobe Japan)

In 2016 Peter and Clare Sandford, Joe Reynolds, along with students from the French and Polish Dojos perform Keitin Aijin at Tokyo Budokan.

In 018 Peter and Clare Sandford, Joe and Linda Reynolds, along with students from the French and Polish Dojo’s perform Keitin Aijin in Oita, Japan.