Tensho Dojo

School of Japanese Sword Arts and Dancing

  • Blink and January’s gone!

    Blink and January’s gone!

    In readiness for the Summer Course, our students practiced adopting the different Kamae postures contained within their Iaido techniques, along with their Iaido techniques required for their next grade. Our Kyu grade students continue to rehearse for their Kenbu grades. Two of our students were recorded rehearsing the movements for their 4th Kyu Kenbu performances…

  • Tensho Dojo’s Christmas meal

    Tensho Dojo’s Christmas meal

    We all got in the festive spirit this weekend for the Tensho Dojo’s Christmas meal. From all of us at Tensho Dojo, we all hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023.

  • Intensive Summer Course 2022

    Intensive Summer Course 2022

    Yesterday concluded our Intensive Summer Course – the first we have been able to organise since the Pandemic began. We were delighted to welcome back our Headmaster, Soke Risho Hajime Hayabuchi for the first time since restrictions have eased. We’d like to thank Soke for visiting and providing us with the training and support we…